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I’m a million miles ahead of where I’m from
But I still have another million miles to go

Trouble by Avicii

I’m a writer, artist, subpar poet, and enneagram five. 

I like the cooler months and feel safer when wearing jackets. I love folklore, dark fairy tales, and retro animation (The Secret of NIMH). Technically I’m an award-winning artist, but it was a very small show and the piece didn’t sell.

I’m fascinated by cosmic horror but I’m too scared to read or watch it. My favorite film is 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea with Kirk Douglas. And if I were being honest, I have a hard time reading and understanding most poetry (sorry Whitman). 

I’ve been a copywriter for almost seven years, developing copy for advertising, websites, and marketing pieces. Everyone needs a day job.

I’m still navigating myself as a writer, artist, and human.  My primary objective is to be a good steward of my time, my talent, my family, and everything I’ve been given.

Here you’ll find a collection of writings, art, poetry, thought-snippets, short stories, and some fiction.