I’ve been a beggar and I’ve been a king
I’ve been a loner and I’ve won the reign
Losing myself just to find me again
I’m a million miles smarter, but I ain’t learnt a thing

I’ve been a teacher and a student of hurt
I’ve kept my word for whatever that’s worth
Never been last, but I’ve never been first
Oh I may not be the best, but I’m far from the worst

I’m still not done, I’m only halfway there
I’m a million miles ahead of where I’m from
But I still have another million miles to go

Trouble by Avicii

First and foremost I’m a writer. If everything else was stripped away, I would found a way to still put words to paper. I write what comes to me, often during the day through simple tasks or sitting or mind wanderings. My writing is about my life, but not in an obvious way. It would be very rare to for me to write something about my day or a trip I took or something I saw. Instead, it would come out in the way it wants to come out. I try to write the way that is most natural to me and that often comes out in odd and strange ways. 

My love for creating spans beyond writing and pours into art, subpar poetry, and prayers. I love epic poems, ancient prayers, the classic hero tales, things that remind me I’m small, eerie and retro animated films, sci-fi music, the terrifying vastness of space and darkness depth of the ocean.

My mind tends to wander and get distracted, which is why I struggled in school most of my life. I’m a strong believer in routine, creation, and putting aside washing dishes in favor of creating.