I am a writer, artist, and creative entrepreneur.

Born in fly over country I am the second oldest of six crazy humans and while I wasn’t not being thrown out of elementary school classrooms, because of my short attention span, I was writing or constructing forts in the backyard.

Since then I’ve grown taller (not that much taller) and started a podcast, a shared workspace, and a creative collective. I still get thrown out of conservative places for my short attention span and passionate yelling when trying to get my point across.

I am passionate about pursing and partnering with people, ventures, and businesses that enrich the lives of people through community, creativity, and connection.

I want to connect the disconnected, challenge the status quo, and shift culture through writing, art, entrepreneurship, and speaking.

I currently reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma (the undiscovered tourist capital of America), where I am an active creator, entrepreneur, and challenger of the status quo.


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(it’s interesting 82% of the time)