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Afraid To Try Again

Aug 16, 2018 | Blog

And what do we do when we are afraid to try again?

When the voices and feelings of doubt start to close in around us?

We stare at the canvas, the page, the screen. Staring and afraid.

Afraid that we might not be able to create as we once did. Afraid that we have already produced our greatest work. Afraid that we had our shot but because we fell off, we can never get back up again. Write again. Speak again.

We’ve waited too long.

We’ve been hidden too long.

We haven’t written or created or shared for too long.

Now it’s too late.

We missed the chance. The door is closed. The opportunity has been taken away.

But could it all be a ruse? A ploy to keep us from moving forward?

Perhaps we have the ability to climb the wall that stands before us. Perhaps we have more on the inside of us, more than what they are telling us or what we are choosing to believe.

Perhaps the wall is not as tall as we think. That the strength to try again is there and has always been there.

That we do have more to say, more to write, more to create, and to share.

Perhaps it is fear that fears us. It is afraid that once we learn that we have what it takes to try again, create again, speak out again, we won’t be afraid any longer.

We won’t be afraid to try again.