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Jun 21, 2017 | Blog

We are equipped, we have invaded, and now it’s time to fight. The barbarian fights without pity, without restraint, and without mercy. The barbarian knows their enemy. But the enemy is not people and it will never be people. The enemy we war against is not that of flesh and blood.

The enemy is not the people, it is not the media, it is not the entertainment industry, or the government or the church. These are not the things we war against but the things that operate in the shadows and in secret.

Our battlefield is not one of this earth but beyond the sight of human eyes and the touch of human hands. It is in the dark places, against the powers and the authorities, and the spiritual forces of evil in the dark world. The giants, and the demons, and the death bringers who have within them lies and deceit, hurt, and pain. This is the enemy that meets us on the battlefield. This is the enemy that seeks to cultivated and tame the barbarian. Because when a barbarian forgets who he or she is, the enemy has nothing to fear.

Because they do fear us. They fear the day we rise up together and break free of our chains. They fear the day we raise our swords and call for our shield wall constructed of faith, love, and power. Because they know when we decide to meet them on the field they cannot win.

Victory was given to us the day our Father sent his son to die. He paid for the doors to be open with blood and granted us access to the things of the Heavenly Realm. We have access to the dimensions, the realms, the throne room and the armory of heaven. That day you took an oath and swore yourself loyal to the king beyond this realm, you were given a sword, you were given power, and became a warrior.

So we fight. With passion and intensity and with love without bounds or limits. We step beyond the human limitations and watch as strongholds of weathered stone and darkness crumble at the authority given to us by the Spirit of the Most High. We fight and step into a barbaric pray that frees people and shakes strongholds. This is why we are still here. This is why we remain in a place that isn’t our home. We were given freedom to grant freedom to others and show them who they really are.

We never fight against people. Our rage and violence is never directed towards people but towards the strongholds and the keepers of the chains that have them. We attack the city to free the prisoners. We release our authority to set captives free and we raise our swords not against flesh and blood, but at the powers and rulers that have placed themselves as authorities over things that do not belong to them.

We endure the hardship as a warrior. We are not entangled with the affairs of this world but enlisted to engage in the battle raging all around us in the unseen.

We win battles with praise and change the course of entire nations and people groups through pray. We love, and fight, and create an opportunity for reconciliation back to the King. Back to the Father who is in desperate need of connection with his beloved and creation.

We fight on behalf of those who have yet to enter into a kingdom beyond what they know. We fight to reclaim our brothers and sisters of every nation, every tongue, every color, and every culture.

We do not fight against them, but for them.

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