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Jul 6, 2017 | Blog

We must be violent in our pursuit towards God. Violent in our pursuit towards people. And violent in our pursuit towards shifting and changing culture.

We must be relentless in doing what we were born to do. They will know us by our love. By our violent, unwavering love. We must act with great force and emotionally intensity. No one will follow a mediocre king and we do not serve a mediocre king. But one of great passion, and love and power. A king who seeks to be reunited with his creation and will violently pursue them until the end of all things.

The barbarian does not conform to this world but reveals the benefits of becoming a citizen of the kingdom without end. The barbarian knows the truth, believes in the truth, and defends the truth at all costs. He or she is not passive in the pursuit of people or passive in how he or she loves those around them. They relish at the thought of war and fighting to help others reclaim their birthright. To attack and tear down the constructs of culture that seek to send people on detours.

We have been violently pursued by God and now must violently pursue him for the purpose of having the love, power, and authority to call back the scattered tribes of this world. For the purpose of ensuring that they know there is a God and that God cannot live without them.

Barbarians live their lives out of passion, love, and with a violent intensity to change things and give people the chance to experience a love far greater than any ever known.

The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.

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