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Jul 13, 2017 | Blog

The barbarian does not fear death.

Death has no hold on us. Death has no power. Death has no say.

Our Father ransomed us back from this world and brought us into a realm where death is not permitted to enter. Because of this, we know that if we are to fall in battle, if we are to give up our lives in this great pursuit, we can never truly die. For in our king is life and life everlasting. In our king is a future and hope even when our time in this world has ended. If we fight, if we endure, then we shall rule and live with him forever. And there to greet us at the gates will be our brother and sisters in arms who have gone before us.

Immortality is our reward. Life given is life gained.

So we fight without fear, without hesitation, and without worry of what happens next. It does not matter the cost, the price we must pay, because the reward is greater and will always be greater. No offer of gold or luxury can sway our decision to follow after our off-planet king. No amount of persuasion can cause us to turn our backs on all we know to be true. Death cannot convince us to give in, give up, or cause us to fear it’s power. For it has been defeated and swallowed up forever.

And in the great halls of marble and stone, they shall read our stories. The stories of those who refused to conform, who refused to be tamed, and who refused to be moved. They will sing songs of the ones who lived and pursued with violent passion, unlimited love, and unwavering dedication to the king beyond time and the king who conquered death. The warriors. The shieldmaidens. The barbarians.

Death where is your power. Death where is your sting. For you hold nothing over us. Not anymore.

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