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May 22, 2017 | Blog

It was here in this hour that everything changed.

Everything became different and everything that once was now had to be left behind. Because I can’t be what I have always been nor can I keep doing what I have always done. But there is a pull to become something more, something greater than before.

I hear the voice of my Father who beckons me forward and insists that I share what has been revealed to me. He challenges me to step further than I have before and be fully open about who I really am.

You see I keep parts of myself hidden and not all pieces have been seen, even by those closest to me. But I have reached my limit and I have reached my lid unless I decide to take a leap and reveal those things that have been shown to me.

Because my Father speaks to me in secret. He shows me things in my dreams and within waking visions as I walk, as a drive, and as a stand alone. There are words that drop in me and revelation that comes in the night. But these things were never meant to be kept inside or hidden from the world. No, these things were meant to be shared so that they might bring life and awakening to the world who knows not what they should.

It is a scary thing to show yourself to the world and not know how they will respond. It is a scary thing to put out there what has been laid on your heart. But why am I here if not to tread new ground? Why am I here if not to share the secrets I have been given in the times of quiet and pursuit. For I should be about my Father’s business and reveal those things that he teaches freely to me.

It has come to this where everything could change. Where my road becomes more narrow and my vision becomes more clear and all that’s inside me will be shown to those who think they know me.

So it will be a downpour and a revealing of things to be truth. For I will not wither away and keep all things to myself unless wisdom steps in to tell me otherwise. For if I truly wish to be who I was born to be, then I must give out what’s on the inside of me.

If not, I will simply be just another body walking, inhaling and exhaling oxygen. If I do not fully step into who I was born to be and do what I am supposed to do, then someone else will. And I will be left, contributing nothing of worth to this world.

And I can’t have that.



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