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Sep 28, 2016 | Blog


Can you hear the thunder?

Do you see the lighting?

Can you feel the rain beating down upon the dry ground that screams for life?

Hear it now. See it now. Feel it now.

For the time has come for all things dead to live again.

For bones shall shake and snap and come together. They will form an army greater than any that has come before it. Flesh shall strap upon bone and armor shall be cladded to flesh. And those who had been dead shall now be armed and ready to march. For the time has come for all things dead to live again.

Darkness shall scream. Devils will screech. And mountains will move and dive into the sea for fear of the army clothed in light, and flame, and thunder. All will fear what they once believed to be dead.

Stand now, hold thy sword, for the battle is near and victory shall belong to those of light.

For from the desert shall come a tribe with banners of blazing colors. They shall beat their drums of war. They shall blow their trumpets of silver. They shall take back the city that has been burning in the darkness for too long.

Swords of thunder and spears of lighting. Flashing shields in the sunlight.

Their banners ripping in the wind. Their boots thundering against the earth. Their war cries echoing across the plains of golden sands.

“We shall take back the city,” the soldiers will cry as they near the gates. “We shall take back the city that was ours!”

And they will take back the city. They will break through the gates of iron and stone. And the enemy shall run. And the banners of black torn down.

And all things dead shall live again.

All things dead shall live again.


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