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Jun 14, 2016

Child - 1

The screams of the innocent fill the skies and the streets run red with their blood.

Cries of hate and rage emerge from the shadows. Those of the night speak their curses and plunge their jagged pieces of steel into our brothers and sisters.

Darkness surrounds our families, and our friends and our nation.

Dark storm clouds cover over the lush green fields and the trees and the mountains and blot out the sun.

There is no light to be seen.

There is no hope to be found.

We are surrounded by those who wage war against us. Who seek our division and destruction as a people.

Heavy with grief. Overtaken by the hurt. We stand alone.

What do we do? What can we do?

We will not drive out hate with more hate. Or rage with more rage. Or darkness with more darkness.

But only with love, light, goodness, and unity can this war be won.

Only these things will wipe away the tears of the hurting. Only these things will comfort those wrecked with pain and grieving their loss. Only these things will restore the brokenness of our people.

Only love. Only hope. Only daylight.

It is time to rise up broken and weary people.

It is time to come out of hiding Children of the Day.

For those who walk in sunlight, those who bear one another up in love, those are the ones who carry true power.

Rise up all those who would call themselves lovers and bearers of light.

Rise up and take hold of your neighbors, your family, your friends, and the strangers beside you on the streets.

Embrace each other and speak life to one another. Speak hope. Speak love. Speak light.

Speak of these things openly and proudly and boast of the love you carry for your brothers and sisters.

Speak so that darkness may hear. So that it may hear and flee from the very sound of unity forming among us as a people. As a nation.

Speak peace. Speak love. Speak renewal and togetherness in a world filled with those of blackened hearts and evil intent who would seek to tear us apart as a nation. As a people. As a race.

Do this and darkness cannot remain.

It cannot overcome.

It cannot win.

Rise up Children of the Day.

Let your voice be heard and tell those who would seek to destroy us, dismantle us, discourage us.

Tell them!

We do not belong to the night. We do not fear the darkness. We will not be shaken or overtaken or moved by hate, rage, or by evil devices.

Tell them we are Children of the Day and they will not send us running.

We will drive the wicked and vile creatures of hate and fire and blood back to the pit. We will crush the heads of the serpents and decapitated the heads of the giants who boast of their alliance with the night.

And as we cry out into the darkness. As our light penetrates the night. They will know that this is our home.

This is our nation.

This is our world.

And it belongs to the Children of the Day.



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