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Jun 2, 2016 | Blog


What do we do when our world falls apart?

When everything we thought we knew turns out to be wrong or misguided?

We look out at a world we no longer recognize. A world we no longer know.

I look around at the structures built by human hands. I gaze upon the towers and the kingdoms and the empires that have long stood there. But now they are falling.

They crumble before my very eyes.

Everything I knew. Everything I thought I knew. It is gone.

But as I watch the sea swallow up those kingdoms. As I watch the people cling to the fortresses that are set ablaze, I step back and wonder.

Did they every hold any strength at all?

What have I put my trust in? What have I deemed to be unshakable?

How quickly my confidence in those things were shaken. How quickly my faith in those structures built by human hands wavered and died.

The ground shakes. The sinkholes appear and swallow entire empires as if they were never there.

My heart races. My chest tightens. My stomach twists with anxious thoughts and feelings as I watch the world fall into ruin.

Everything has changed. I think to myself. Everything is falling apart.

But what if I am looking in the wrong place? What if the collapse of these empires is happening to force my gaze somewhere else?

Then I realize I should not be looking at what is falling apart.

I should be looking at what still remains.

I turn my eyes to the things unshaken. I turn my gaze to the walls unmoved. I look to the everlasting, the incorruptible, and the unconquered structures that still stand.

These…I think. These were not built by human hands.

Where the empires that are falling, the towers that are crumpling, and the houses of thoughts, and ideas, and knowledge are being swallowed up by the earth, these other things, these unearthly strongholds, remain untouched by the shifting of the world.

And then I see.

They are outside the human element. They are beyond the storms and the wars of man. They are not affected by the seasons of change because they were not built within the constructs of this world.

They do not follow the rules of human limitations. They cannot be moved by human ideas, thoughts, or knowledge. They cannot be yielded to the attacks of earthly forces.

They surpass the very idea of time. Of limitation.

What do I do when my world falls apart? When everything falls apart?

I look to the world that is still standing. I look to the things that are unchanging.

And I look to the architect who created such things.

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