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Apr 28, 2016 | Blog


Forerunner. Champion. I see you.

You pace back and forth.

You lie in your bed at night dreaming the dream that you’ve kept inside for so long.

Forerunner. Champion. I hear you.

You speak out to the world, wishing and hoping for change. Your ready to set the world ablaze and see the hate and prejudice burn in its fire.

Forerunner. Champion. I know you.

You are set apart. You’ve always been set apart. You see the world differently. You see what it could become and you think, in the quiet corner of your bedroom, that you could be the one to change it.

The time is drawing near. In fact, the door is already opened before you.

The dreams. The hopes. The love you have ready to expose to the world is ready to be released. Your ready to walk through that door.

Forerunner. Champion. I call to you.

Bring forth all those who would forsake the riches of the world. Bring forth all those who would give their lives for the benefit of others. Bring forth all those who would gladly forsake the comforts of this life to see those in need live a better one.

Bring forth all those who would serve humanity.

Forerunner. Champion. It’s time.

Time to run through that door. Time to risk it all. Time to finally stop dreaming and start doing.

Forerunner Champion. Child.

It’s time to change the world.

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