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May 12, 2016 | Blog


Change is hard.

Even good change is hard.


Because change requires something from us.

It requires us to grow. To adapt. To look at things differently.

It causes us to stare at ourselves in the mirror and ask the questions. The questions that sometimes we’re afraid to ask.

It forces us to either rise up or give up. It forces us to grow or to remain as we are.

Change happens. It will always happen. It’s a part of life. Of living. Of becoming.

Sometimes we get to control that change. And sometimes we don’t have a choice.

But it happens. Good or bad, it will keep happening.

Sometimes I hate change. Especially if I didn’t choose to change.

But as change occurs, as things begin to shift, I have to look at myself. I have to look at myself with honesty. With transparency. I have to peel back the layers of my human self and make a decision.

How will I react to this change?

Change happens for a reason. Just like the seasons, there is a time to work in the field, a time to harvest the crop, and a time for things to go dormant.

I have to take a look at the season, at the change, and only then can I determine what change requires of me.

Then, just like everyone, I have to decide if I’m going to meet those requirements.

Do I embrace the change? Or do I retreat back to the normal I’ve formed for myself?

Do I continue to climb upwards? Or do I camp on the side of the mountain?

Change forms us. Chisels, and cuts, and molds us into something new. And if we allow it, something better.

Change is hard. Good change is hard. Bad change is hard. It is hard because when it happens to us, we can’t stay the way we were.

We can’t think the same. We can’t act the same. We can’t be as we once were.

We have to be different.

We have to change.

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