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Jun 9, 2016 | Blog

Fire - 2

I see fire.

A great consuming fire, burning across the lands and overtaking the fields of the earth.

It engulfs everything in its path. It devours all who stand in its way. It burns, and grows, and rages with its terrible teeth of red and orange. It is unstoppable. It is unavoidable.

“It is evil!” Some say. “It is here to destroy us!”

Is it, though?

Take a closer look at this fire. Take a closer look at its burning. Ask yourself why is it here? What is its purpose? Is it here to destroy?

Or is it a tool?

A tool to burn away the things of the dead. To burn away the weeds and the thicket and overgrown forests that have been keeping the new from sprouting.

For too long have the thorns and thistles been allowed to rule among us. Too long has the land been filled with the thickness of trees that produce no fruit and weeds that steal away the life and the beauty and the hope of the earth.

So then fire must come.

It must come swift and hard and strong. It must burn through the thickness and rid the world of the dead things, the hateful things, the evil things. Health must be restored back to the field. New growth must be allowed to come forth.

For nothing can stand against the fire. No one can put it out or redirect its path. It cannot be controlled. It cannot be stopped.

Nor should it be.

Embrace the fire. Embrace the flames. Embrace the purging of this earth.

Allow it to burn away the death that surrounds your life, that has overtaken your soul, and that chokes your body.

Allow the fire to come so that your land may be renewed and restored. So that we may start again and plant and water and reap a harvest that will bring edification to the spirit and soul of the world.

The field must be cleansed through fire. The land must be purged of the dead.

And then when the flames have died out. When there is nothing left but endless fields and fertile ground, then we must sow.

And through our sowing shall a new thing be allowed to grow.

Through our sowing will the land be made anew.

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