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Jun 23, 2016 | Blog

lonely child

I see you, lonely child.

I hear you. I know you. I am right beside you.

“But I cannot see you,” the lonely child says. “I cannot feel you. I cannot hear you.”

I know. But I am here.

Keep going. Keep striving. Keep pressing forward. Keep pressing on.

I have given you strength.

I am fighting on your behalf.

Do you know what I would do for you? Do you know what I would give up for you?

I’d go hungry for you. I’d go blind for you. I’d become poor. I’d become sick. I’d become broken.

I’d give up everything for you.

I have given up everything for you.

You are my child. You are my son. You are my daughter. You are my everything.

My everything.

I will not rest until I have you. I will stop until you are in my arms. I will not cease fighting. I will not cease striving. Not until you are with me. Not until all of you is in all of me.

Let me work. In the quiet. In the silence. Let me work.

I hear you crying. I hear you shouting. But let me work.

Let me create.

“But I cannot see it,” the lonely child says. “I cannot see the path.”

I know but it’s there.

I’m there.

You have to trust me.

You have to trust me in the silence. You have to trust me in the quiet. You have to trust me when I do not answer you.

I have not left you. I have never left you.

Even though you were far. Even though you didn’t see me beside you. I never left.

And I never will.

Keep going lonely child. Keep moving forward.

I am right here beside you.

I will always be beside you.

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