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May 27, 2016 | Blog

Vision - 1

You are of a different world.

Untouched by culture. Unmoved by this world.

Wild. Free. Untamed.

Step past the human element. Step beyond the capacity of the flesh. Move beyond the limitations of this planet and go forth into something greater.

Step into what is unearthly, extraordinary, and unbelievable.

Be without civilizing influences.

Be untouched by cultural ideas.

Be unmoved and unswayed by the thoughts and powers of earthly kingdoms. Cast off their deceitful whispers. Tear down their false idols of bronze. No longer be moved by these kingdoms, but move these kingdoms.

Be uncivilized. Uncultivated. Uncultured. Unbending. Unforgiving in your pursuit of something outside these natural and tangible things.

Violently seek them out. Relentlessly cut down the lies and the hollow speeches and the words that seek to entrap you.

No, attack these ideas with a great violence. With a savage passion. With a relentless force, that comes from a different world.

Because you are of a different world.

Arise like a great force with boundless energy and emotional intensity. No longer be accustomed to this civilization but seek to return to your natural state of being. Your primitive nature.

We are no longer accustomed to this civilization and they know it. They see it. They fear it.

They can no longer control us. They can no longer sway us. We are not domesticated any longer but have returned to the place of our founding.

And we shall invade this world. We shall attack without restraint. Without pity. Without mercy for the ones who occupy our heritage.

We will access that of a different spirit, a different love, a different being, and pour it out into the earth like a great flood. It shall drown out the prejudice, it shall swallow the hate, it shall rid the world of the reeking and creeping shadows that have caused the innocent to suffer.

They know we are coming. They know we are different.

We are the untamed. The untouched. The unbroken.

We are of a different world.

The Heart She Cries

The Heart She Cries

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Afraid To Try Again

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The Unfamiliar Door

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