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Aug 4, 2016 | Blog

Dark Winds - 5

Dark winds and black shadows passed over the city as it slept. Soft whispers and the nasty spells spoke of destruction and peril. The days of darkness had taken its toll upon the city near the sea. Grown men shuttered and children whimpered at the sound of the witches flying over head.

“Curses upon thee.” They shouted from above. “Curses upon thee and thy children after.”

The sky thundered and winds howled, shifting to the commands of the sorcery. But there was another whisper not drowned out by the black spells. Another set of words spoken in secret.

“Oh by thy grace and thy power shall it be a shield among us. Oh by thy rule and thy mercy shall a sword pierce through the sky.”

The witches laughed and their spells grew in power but so did the whisper that prayed into the night.

“Oh by thy plan and purpose for this city you shall conquer my enemies before me.”

And those secret prays and whispers commanded the sky to open up and light shown from beyond the gates that led into a world made of sunlight.

A voice shook the skies and the earth and the foundation of the city below.

“Too long has thy power and treachery tormented the hearts of my city. Too long has thy dark magic been freely used. Now shall it be a new dawn and a new day in this city. Now shall it be a new era of empowerment for those who are hiding in fear.”

And the witches screeched in fear as the light caught their brooms aflame and sent them spiraling down towards the soaked earth.

“Too long…” The voice said. “But no longer.”

The Heart She Cries

The Heart She Cries

The heart she cries. She screams and aches and tears against my chest. She begs. She pleads. She violently thrashes within me. She cries out for something different. Something real. Something to touch her, ignite her, and set her free. She will not be ignored. She...

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Afraid To Try Again

And what do we do when we are afraid to try again? When the voices and feelings of doubt start to close in around us? We stare at the canvas, the page, the screen. Staring and afraid. Afraid that we might not be able to create as we once did. Afraid that we have...

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The Unfamiliar Door

I stand here at this unfamiliar door. I started in one place and have arrived in another. Through twists and turns and decisions made, I now stand here uncertain of things I use to know. As I stare at the worn wood and the faded bronze door knocker only one question...

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