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Sep 15, 2016 | Blog

Strong - 5

What is it to become stronger?

To become better. To become unshakable. To become unmoved.

We all want to be stronger. Better. Tougher.

The world would be easier if we were stronger. Tougher. Unshakable.

We would not be knocked down so easily. We would not fall at a little push. We would not waver when the winds grow more fierce.

We would stand. Cause we’re strong.

But what does it take to become stronger?

To perform a specified action powerfully and vigorously.

To become fierce, intense, powerful, and a force to be reckoned with. What does it take? What does it cost?


To be become stronger, first, we must break it all down.

It must be reduced to nothing. It must be ground down with intensity and precision and time.

Time. I hate it. I hate the time it takes. The consistently day after day, year after year.

So much time. So much grinding. So much pain.

But it must be this way if I want to get stronger. If I want to be unshakable.

To be unshakable I must first be shaken.

To be unmovable I must be moved.

To be stronger I must be weakened. Again and again, until I am rebuilt. Until I am recovered. Until all that was in me was weak and useless and dying is now my ally. Until those things become my strengths.

As they world breaks me down. As the earth shakes. As the winds howl. I know, if I choose it, is for my benefit. Is better for me to endure.

Because after the shaking. After the howling. After the pain and grinding and breaking, I will stand there before it all stronger.

And I will be glad and thankful for it all.

Because I was defeated by none it. I was uprooted by none.

I am stronger now because of it. I am better.

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