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Aug 18, 2016

Almost Kid

Almost kid.

You almost did it.

You almost finished. You almost made it. You almost made it happen.

You almost climbed that mountain. You almost made it to the top.

You almost finished the book. You almost made it work. You almost got there.

But you didn’t.

You played it safe. You let fear take hold of you. You allowed the words of unqualified people run you down, shut you down, and cause you to stop.

You let the world beat you down. You let the demons convince you of their lies. You let the sea of doubt and fear and shame drown you.

You were so close. So close to achieving that goal. Fulfilling that dream. Standing atop the mountain.

Only you didn’t. Because you were the almost kid.

But now the time has come again. The opportunity has arisen. The page is blank and waiting for you.

You see another chance. You sense the winds of change. You have found another door.

But I have something to tell you. Something you need to know.

You are not the almost kid anymore.

It’s different now. You’re different now.

You are wiser. You are stronger. You are better. You are ready.

You have everything you need. All the tools in your belt. All the courage in your heart. All the strength to try again.

So I say to you children. I say to you forerunners.

It’s time to step forward. It’s time to walk through. It’s time to leave all you were behind and try again.

What they said about you isn’t true. What they think about you isn’t true. What you made yourself believe is a lie.

Where they said before, “They almost made it. They almost did it.”

They will now marvel as you start to climb that mountain again. As you board your ship and venture into the vast seas once more. As you gather yourself and start towards that door before you.

“Look at the almost kid,” they will say. “Look, they are trying again.”

And they will laugh. And they will mock. And they will point.

“They won’t make it. They’ll fall again. They are the almost kid.”

But you will stop. You will turn. You will face them and say,

“That is not my name anymore.”

And then you will do it.

Because you are not that child anymore. You are not the same.

You are different. You are stronger. You are ready.

And where the world saw you as the one who almost did it, they will now see you as the one who stands atop mountains. The one who conquers cities. The one who walks as thunder.

You are no longer the almost kid.

So don’t let them say that you are.

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