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May 18, 2016 | Blog


Behold I see a great lion.

A mighty beast who has been in deep slumber for many years.

Unmoved. Unchanging. It’s golden body rising and falling with each heavy breath.

But the time for sleep is over.

The lion awakens. It rises up, stretching its strong legs and opening its eyes to the world that has been overtaken by those unsavory in its absence.

But no more.

The lion stands and looks out beyond the great valley that is the earth, its eyes watching the chaos that has unleashed within its lands.

It hears the cries. It hears the suffering. Its hears the pray for reckoning to come.

But no more. The sleeping lion sleeps no longer.

The king of beasts rises up before its enemies. It lets out a mighty roar that echoes and shakes the earth like thunder. Its sound penetrating the walls and the kingdoms and the armies of the night.

The enemies scatter. Screeching at the sight and sound of the valiant beast. They are afraid. They know what is to come now that the lion has awoken. They know their time has come to an end.

Their rule is over. Their grip on the world is done. Their shadows that have covered the earth in darkness for too long and now shall vanish at the sound of the mighty roar that can be heard to the ends of the earth and beyond.

They once ruled without challenge. They once feasted upon the innocent.

But no more. The sleeping lion sleeps no longer.

He walks upon the land and seeks to devour those unjust. Those who have corrupted all things good and pure. But he is not alone.

Beside him is gathered a great multitude of lions. A great pack who have been awakened by the sound of his kingly roar.

They are the kings and queens of promise. They are the movers and shakers foretold. They are the warriors and the shieldmaidens who will fight for the freedom of our lands. They are the chosen. They are the elite. They are the ones who will define all odds and take back the lands that were stolen.

I call to the lions. I call to the warriors. I call to shieldmaidens.

Sleep no more! Awaken and take heart! Raise your swords. Raise your shields.

For the time has come to roam freely within the lands that have kept you away. The time has come to destroy all that pollutes this world. The times has come to roar and fight and win.

The time has come to awaken.

The time for sleep is over.

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