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Aug 11, 2016 | Blog

When we go away we always come back. But we don’t always come back the same do we? No something always changes when we come back.

When we go away we don’t always come back the same do we?

No something always changes when we come back.

Something shifts.

A mindset. A viewpoint. The world around us.

Something is different because of where we’ve been. What we’ve seen. The world we’ve encountered. The people we’ve met.

Sometimes we know what’s changed about ourselves. And other times we haven’t a clue.

But we know something is different.

We sense it. We feel it. We know it.

Something is different about ourselves, our thoughts, our emotions.

Our view of the world has changed. Even our view of people. Of culture.

Because when we leave, when we go away, we pick up things.

Hidden things. Secret things. Things that were waiting for us.

Things that were meant for us.

What are these things? Sometimes we don’t really know.

But we need them. They are a necessary piece to the puzzle. The great weave of our lives.

They are pieces that we needed in order to move forward. To take our next step in life.

I have acquired such a piece.

Though I do not have a name for it and I do not fully know its purpose.

I do not know where it came from but I know that I have it. And I know that I needed it.

As I walked the lush fields of the north and watched the waves crash upon the stones of the giant’s coast, I took hold of something. Or more accuracy, something took a hold of me.

What I took back with me from the island so far from my home I do not know, but I have changed.

I am different.

Something has shifted within my being, my thoughts, and even my viewpoint of the world has turned. I do not see myself as I once did. I did not see people as I once did.

Sometimes we do not always know what it is we need. We are not always aware of the pieces made for us.

But as we leave, as we live, as we step into the unknown we acquire the pieces we need to fulfill what lies before us.

So we must embark to find them. We must adventure to collect them. We must step outside our safety zone to acquire those pieces necessary to our growth, our destiny, and our lives.

We must seek out these pieces made for us and embrace them.

And then we must come back.

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