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Jul 21, 2016 | Blog

Without Love

I am convinced of this.

That anything I do, anything I say, anything I accomplish, that without love, it means nothing.

If I feed the hungry. If I change the world. If I give away everything I have and everything I am but it does not come from love, it is nothing.

I am nothing.

For how often do we sacrifice but for our own benefit? How often do we build and create and produce things but for our own purpose?

What does it gain if not done out of love? What do I gain if it’s not done out of love?

Because what is it that the world really needs?

It needs love. True love.

Love without condition. Love without limits. Love that expects nothing in return.

Can I do it? Can I live with that kind of love?

No agenda. No reason. Just love.

I have to. Because world needs it.

The world must have it.

It groans for the manifestation of a radical, unmoving, and unwavering love.

It is desperate for that kind of intimacy.

To see change. To feed the hungry. To truly shift the minds, the thoughts, and the ways of the human race it must be loved to full capacity and then beyond that.

Because the world cannot sustain another empty gesture.

It cannot handle another one nightstand.

Another action, another gift, another kiss that holds nothing more than selfish ambition and the desire of self-gratification.

No. The world cries out for love. It cries out to be held. It longs for intimacy.

It needs to be loved. Truly loved.

Because without it, it will grow tired, it will grow angry and it will die.

Love conquers all things. Love satisfies all longings.

Love never fails.

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