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Apr 14, 2017 | Blog

Courage. The ability to do something that frightens us. The strength to face the pain. The pain of what? Of failure, of rejection, of losing everything.

There are times when I move towards things with great courage. I stare down the mountain, the giant, and the lion without fear. I step forward without hesitation and with courage, a take on what lies before me.

But then there are times when courage cannot be found. I find myself unable to move, unable to speak, and unable to cross that threshold. But why is that?

There must be a reason I cannot find the courage to walk through a door or scale a mountain. There must be a reason I find myself unable to move from my spot.

I have the confidence to pursue so many other endeavors but in others I have none.

With conquering comes confidence. When we muster up the courage to conquer and we succeed, we gain confidence through that experience. Even if we face another mountain, another giant, or another lion, if it is similar to a mountain we have already climbed we have confidence to do so again.

But what about the things I have never done? What about the mountain that is strange and unlike any I have ever climbed before? That is different and I find myself once again in need of courage.

So I must look to the things I have accomplished and conquered. I must rechannel that confidence.

I must remind myself that I can and have stepped out into the unknown and have succeeded in doing so.

I cannot dwell on the current fear but look back on the faith that I’ve had for other things. I must remember those victories, those achievements and remind myself I am courageous, even in the face of uncertainly. 

I must tell myself, “it is time to take courage once again child. It’s time to be bold once again.”

I must remember that everything I’ve done, everything I’ve gone after, and everything I’ve achieved, that I have what it takes to conquer again. And once I do, I find myself with the confidence to stare down the lion and challenge the giant.



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