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Jan 12, 2017 | Blog


Hold on children. Hold on to that dream, that vision, and that life you wish to build for yourself.

For the time is now. The time to shake, to move, to dance, to sing, to create, and to shift the constructs of culture in such a way that has never been seen before.

You have everything you need children. You have the knowledge, the skill, the wisdom, and the drive to move forward.

You may feel small, you may feel lost, but I tell you now that you are ready. Hold on.

As we embark on a new season and a new adventure, dangers untold await us. But we are strong enough to defeat them. We are strong enough to conquer and we are strong enough to tear down the walls that have been placed in front of us.

For there is no mountain too big. There is no wall too high and there is no dragon, goblin, or demon too fierce that will not flee at the sound of our battle cries.

Do not lose hope because we are almost there. Do not lose sight of what you started because we are about to see it come to pass.

For the raging storm may come but we will not run. The monsters may growl and the darkness may grow but remember that within us is a light greater than that of what lies before us.

So hold on children. Hold on and don’t let go.

The winds may howl and the clouds may darken, but only for a time. We embrace the challenge and accept the fight.

We shall stand the upon the hill top and raise our swords with the knowledge that victory belongs to us.

So hold on children. Hold on.



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