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May 12, 2017 | Blog

You may find yourself moving somewhere different. You may find yourself surrounded by different people. And you may find yourself leaving some things behind.

Because we are progressive people. We move and change and grow and step out of things in order to step into better things. And perhaps we didn’t choose this. In fact most of the time we don’t. We’d rather settle in the comfort of the things we know, the people we know and normalcy that has been formed over time. But growth doesn’t happenĀ there. We take on new normals to establish new growth and then we must move on from there.

We were made to climb, to excel and to conquer different levels, some that are seen and others unseen. So with this, we have two options. Embrace it or refuse it. With refusal comes a stagnant life. With refusal comes regret. Perhaps not right away but eventually we will look back and wished we had moved.

With embrace comes possibility. The possibility of being better, stronger and wiser. Possibility to conquer greater mountains and expand our influence beyond the boxes we like to keep ourselves in. Because you see, we were born to influence. We were made to shift not only ourselves but things around us. People, culture, and kingdoms. We were crafted to excel, expand and adventure into a great unknown. With refusal comes the rejection of how we were made. When we decide to stop moving and embracing change in all forms, we stop growing and then we began to rot.

We were not made to be confined and kept in a cage. But to embrace the beautiful, unpredictable and often times the messy avenues of life.

So you made find yourself changing directions and once again moving towards the unknown. So what do I say? Embrace it children. Embrace it.



(it’s interesting 82% of the time)