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Purge Me Oh Father

Jul 27, 2017 | Blog

Purge me Oh Father of all false understandings about myself, about you, and about all things happening around me.

Drench me Father in your love, your goodness, and grace. Reveal to me all things that I do not see, renew my perspective, and open my ears to hear the truth.

Take far from me the lies, the deception, and hesitation that lives within my soul. Bring me into the light that reveals all things truth. Keep me from wavering to the left or to the right.

Purge me of my biases, my prejudice, my false beliefs that I have about myself and about others. Grant the eye sight that shows things as they are.

Because I know that my perception is not right beyond you. My love, my ambition, my dreams are nothing if they are not in complete oneness with you.

You sent your Son so that I might sit beside you and speak of things beyond what I know. You sent your Son to grant me access to all the things that rest in your richness, your goodness, and your wisdom. You sent your Son so that I might be changed, renewed, and become who I was always born to be.

So let me set aside all things that are holding me back. All things that blind me and poison my vision. Reveal to me the secret things, the hidden things and the deep things of your Spirit that I might be in one accord with the ultimate will of the Father.

Let me sing, let me speak, and let me pray in sync with your desires.

For anything apart from you is nothing and I want nothing to do with anything apart from you. Do not let me be led astray by my own selfish ambitions and interests, but by the love that holds no prejudice, no fickleness, and no wavering. There is only one who is all good, forever good and I desire to be merged with him in everything I am, with every word I speak, and every decision I make.

Purge me Oh Father of anything that keeps me from getting closer to you. Immerse me in all things of you and let me see what you see. For anything outside your presence is a lie.

For as I laid down myself, this carnal creature, I can become who you made me to be

One with the expansive heart of the Father, the boundless love of a Friend, and the ultimate power of the Spirit.

I love you dearly Oh Father and I want nothing if it is not rooted and grounded in you.