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Feb 23, 2017 | Blog


There are days when we forget who we are. We forget why we started, why we fought, and why we are here. It can happen so fast. We stand there and look around not sure what we are supposed to do. We find ourselves lost or confused or even alone. We forget who we are and why we were put on this earth.

So we must remind ourselves of who you are. We must recall the dreams, the visions, the words from the sages, and the foresight of the prophets. We must look back on the things spoken over us and keep these words close. Because there are those who want us to forget.

They want us to get distracted and discouraged and wander through this life not ever knowing where we are trying to go. They will do what they can to hinder you and lead you to place you where never suppose to go. They want us to forget.

So gather around you friends and allies. Gather around you wise men and women who have not forgotten. Those who can push you and encourage and ensure that you stay on the path you started so many years ago. Because there are things ahead you must be ready for. There are things ahead that only you can do. There are things ahead that are waiting for you to arrive.

So take the time to sit, to ponder, to remember all the things that you know are true about yourself. Recall, remember, and write them down. Keep them close and read them often.

Because the time is coming when you will stand upon that mountain and those of all ages, all nations, all colors will look to you for marching orders.

Remember who you are. Born of fire, wielder of unearthly weapons, and the forerunner of something that will change what has stood for centuries.

Remember who you are children and do not let them cause you to forget.



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