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We were born to shift culture.

I want to see every person live their lives in complete fullness of who they were born to be. To take hold of their purpose and venture forth to change the world around them. I believe that everyone was born with something on the inside of them. Something that is meant to enrich the world and the people in it. Through creativity, through business, through art, through ministry, we are all meant to contribute. Discovering what that it is only the first step. We must then act.

We have access to the resources, the creativity, and the strategies to make a difference. Let’s push past the limitations and the walls that stand before us. Let’s conquer the mountains together.

Where Do I Speak?

  • Churches
  • Young Adults
  • Youth Groups 
  • High Schools
  • Colleges
  • Ministry Groups
  • Creative Groups
  • Conferences / Retreats

What People Are Saying:

We’ve known Caleb for about 12 years and he’s always been an inspiration to those he encounters.  Caleb has been a guest speaker for us and has never disappointed.  He is an articulate and engaging speaker who captures the attention of all ages. We highly recommend him for your next event!

Scott & Marla Schiele

Founders of Outpouring International

Caleb is one that the Hand of the Lord has been on from an early age. His relationship with the Lord is REAL, not formed in the mold of religious structuring, but formed in the first-hand pursuit of knowing his creator.  Caleb brings this same passion into the speaking and motivation arena to inspire AND challenge people of all ages to know God and connect with HIS purpose for their lives.

Steve Pouge

Caleb is a natural born storyteller. He speaks with great imagination and knows how to inspire his listeners to see the visions he sees and encourage them to become reality. With a heart for encouragement and a style that speaks to “getting it done” I believe Caleb hits an important need in the lives of his audience and inspires them to achieve greatness. He brings his experience with entrepreneurship, motivation, and imagination to the table and offers his insights to listeners in a vastly entertaining way, and I look forward to hearing him speak again!

Anna Steininger

Author, Hack Your Education

To hear Caleb Hutton speak is akin to hearing a visionary who has just had a revelation because he has been meditating and preparing all morning and many days prior. I have had the pleasure of spending much time with Caleb and seeing his inspiring work ethic, heart, and vision. Caleb is a man who can speak with conviction, power, and of hope for a future that is much better than it is now. In part, because he helped make it that way.

Michael Robinson

Lead Designer at MegaHaus Digital Agency


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