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Jul 20, 2017 | Guest Post

Her creativity is not always in the work produced

But in the word pronounced

Spoken with the feelings

Not always a writer, but a speaker

She could make you feel, make you see

That there is a world you have never paid tribute to

A world beyond yourself

The world was fierce and free

Full of hope

She made you see

Her creativity invited you, creating a fire

A creativity that is intoxicating and immobilizing

Found mainly in the conversation

What was said spoke true

Nothing physical to show, but you showed

With action, it was proven to be true

Her creativity showed life, shown light

The frequency was right

The creativity spoke true

The creativity spoke to you

Tobin Hutton is a modern day hippie currently residing in Denver. She is a multifaceted creative who enjoys cooking, drawing, writing, design and any thing that motivates and moves her soul. She is an avid vegetarian and believes her aversion to meat and social media has freed her mind and body to cultivate her creative journey in a substantial way. When not working you can find her outdoors or adoring pictures of her niece and nephew. 

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