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Jan 25, 2017 | Blog


It happens.

We wake up, stare in the mirror, and find ourselves hating what we see. Dried out skin, bloodshot eyes, and that sinking feeling within ourselves. Our steps feel heavy and our words slur in conversation. We feel defeat. We feel sad. We feel low.

They will tell you to stay in the low place. The demons and the shadow goblins with their razor claws and jagged teeth. They want you there in the low place. You can do no harm to them there. You cannot bring about change. Here you are alone, here you are weak, and here you are on the verge of breaking down and giving up.

So they will lie to you. They will convince you that you have not grown, that you are not smart enough, strong enough, and that you made a mistake for even thinking you were.

They will remind you of your past, your faults, and everything you failed at along the way.

It’s because they hate you. Because they despise your very being.

But they are also afraid of you. And because they are afraid of you they will do whatever it takes to keep you in the low place.

But perhaps this is an opportunity. A chance to see what we’re made of. Instead of accepting what is perhaps we should consider what could be.

Where else do you have to go but up when you’re at the bottom? What else is there to do but climb? It’s true we might die if we attempt to reach the peak of the mountain but we will surely die if we stay in the low place.

For perhaps true strength comes when we are in the low place. When our bones are brittle and our soul is torn. Is that where real courage comes onto play?

There are only two options in the low place.

Remain there and wither. Or stand up, shake the dust off, and carry on through.

There is too much at stake if we remain there. Too many lives on the line. Too much to risk if we don’t carry on.

So we mustn’t stay here children. We mustn’t believe the lies they tell us. We must rise up and carry on and finish the work we started. We must not lose sight of the path and the vision.

We must leave the low place.



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