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Feb 9, 2017 | Blog


To all the old lions. To all the tired lions. To all those who have walked this earth a long time.

You are not done.

I know you have fought. I know you have a sacrificed. I know that you have waited. But I say to you, the waiting is almost over.

We need you. We need your wisdom, your experience, and your knowledge to push us ahead.

It is not your time to step down but your time to step up. We are here, the young lions, and we need you with us. We need your guidance and we need your strength.

Because the world will not be changed by one single generation but by many generations coming together. We will fight alongside of you. We will listen to you. We will moved forward and be proud to stand alongside you.

So I say to you tired lions, that your time is not done, your dream is not dead, and you are not forgotten.

Rise up I say to you! Because we need you. We can not do this without you. We can not hope to achieve victory without you fighting beside us.

Let us rise as one pack, as one force, and as one army to take back the land that was stolen.

Let us rise both the old and the young.

And from us shall come a mighty roar that will shake the very foundations of the earth.

They will see us in distance, the giants and the demons and the goblin kings and they will tremble. They will fear the day the old and the young come together.

Because together we can change everything.

So rise up tired lions. You are not done yet.



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