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The Unfamiliar Door

Aug 18, 2017 | Blog

I stand here at this unfamiliar door.

I started in one place and have arrived in another. Through twists and turns and decisions made, I now stand here uncertain of things I use to know.

As I stare at the worn wood and the faded bronze door knocker only one question remains: will I be brave enough to knock?

My Father once said that if I were to knock the door would be open. But what if you don’t know what lies on the other side?

You stand there, staring at the door and picturing perhaps what could possibly lie ahead but you’ll never know for sure. Not until you knock. Not until you step over the threshold.

So I stand. Wondering and waiting and processing all the decisions I’ve made that has led up to this point. All the mistakes, all the detours, all the mishaps of my life have paved the way to this old, unfamiliar door that stands before me.

Shall I knock? And if I knock who then shall open it? Who will be there waiting on the other side? Who will they greet me? What will they say? Will they even know who I am? And if I do step through, who will I be on the other side?

This life is filled with such mystery and the only thing that doesn’t change is the constant change of our lives.

So I stand. At this unfamiliar door, debating and wondering if I should knock. Because I know that if I do knock, if I cross over the threshold, it may take me somewhere I’ve never been.

But that might be the very place I was always meant to be.