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Jun 29, 2017 | Blog

To be prejudice is to have an opinion about a person or a group of people without basis. It represents a bias that is rooted in a belief that because someone is different from you, they are less of a person and therefore of lesser value.

Prejudice fuels the idea that certain people, whether it be race, gender, or core beliefs, do not hold the same level of intelligence or are incapable of possessing thoughts and ideas of equal value compared to others.

Because of prejudice, they are pushed aside and written off as being lower on the totem poll than their fellow human beings.

As I watch films, read books, and news stories centered around prejudice, I find myself growing angry and thinking how much human potential has been wasted because of it.

When we choose to reject someone based on the color of their skin, their gender, or background, we are not only rejecting the person but everything they have on the inside of them. Their ideas, their passions, their abilities, and their viewpoint all go unused because prejudice tells us that they are of lesser value and have nothing to offer.

Every ounce of intelligence, creativity, and innovation that could otherwise make a contribution to our world is being rejected because of prejudice.

By limiting people based on their race, gender or differences, what degree have we limited our society and our ability to move forward and excel as a people group?

I can’t help but wonder how much time we have wasted, how many resources we have squandered and how much potential has been thwarted because of this attitude towards others who are different from us.

Is it possible that the man or woman who held the cure to cancer was rejected based on their gender or skin color from training within a high-quality medical facility? How many books or poems never were written and we will never get to read? How many pieces of art never had the chance to be produced and hung on the walls of homes and museums? How many problems in the world went unsolved for so long because the person who held the solution was rejected? How many more problems still go unsolved, how many cures undiscovered because of this mindset and stubbornness.

We have limited exploration, technology advances, medical cures, works of literature, and art simply because of prejudice. It has stolen progress from us on all fronts.

We were created and molded by the same maker with each individual given a portion of talents, giftings, and a viewpoint unique to ourselves. Every one us has a purpose and something to contribute in this life. A specific people group, a gender or one race does not hold all the answers to the questions we continue to ask. Though it is true that as a world we have made enormous advances in every field,  I can’t help but wonder if we would have gotten there faster if we had been less prejudice in our thinking when it came to others.

Let us not reject those different from us, but give them a place at the table to make a contribution and to build alongside us.

I am no longer interested in wasting time or resources because we can’t move past a bias that causes to look at people as less or lower because of their differences. Though we are all different, we each share equal responsibility and deserve equal opportunity to make the world a better place.