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Mar 3, 2016 | Blog

Vision - 4

Where are you going? What are you working towards? What is your vision?

If you were to ask people what the key to success is, the answers would vary.

Mentorship. Learning. Commitment. Skills. Passion. Self-Discipline. Self-Motivation.

While all these are true and required to achieve success there is one thing you must have in order to reach success by your definition. The one thing that Napoleon Hill (author of Think & Grow Rich) says is the starting point to all achievement.

Clearly defined purpose.

Purpose being the reason you do something. The reason you exist. It is your dream, your cause, your why, and what drives your vision.

Our clearly defined purpose and vision dictates the actions we take in our life.

Our vision dictates the books we read, the relationships we build, the skills we acquire, the drive for self-discipline, and the ability to be self-motivated.

But what happens when you have no vision? No goal. No purpose.

Within your vision is your ability to improve yourself. To move yourself, to get up in the morning, to sharpen your skills, to build your character, and to gain confidence as you work towards that vision. With vision you see the long-term goal, the benefit of not being led by your emotions but having control over them. With vision you will thrive. Without that vision, you will stumble in the dark.

Should we have the future completely figured out? No. I can’t think of one person who does. But we should have a vision, something we are working towards. Something we are striving to achieve or someone we are striving be.

Without vision we are lost. Without purpose we are lost. We are wandering from here to there without really knowing what our decisions mean and not thinking about how they will affect us in the future.

Self-discipline is necessary to advance in life. Acknowledging our weakness and then striving to improve those weaknesses. Learning is essential. Commitment is vital. Being mentored is priceless. Being open to change is crucial. All these things bring success into our lives.

But how do we know what things to change in our life if we don’t know where we are going? We can read endless amounts of books, but without a vision how do we know which books to read? How do we know who should mentor us? How can we commit to things without first knowing if those things bring us closer to our vision?

Your vision dictates your decisions. What you choose to do or not do. Your vision determines where your money, your time, and your resources go. No choice or decision is made rashly or without thought because you come back to your vision.

Ask the question, “Does this decision I’m making line up with my vision?” If not, dismiss the mentor, the book, the relationship, and the job. With vision you can avoid pitfalls, time-wasters, and keep away from spending countless hours on things that do not matter.

Having no vision results in short-term thinking. Without vision, your decisions are made based off of your emotions, whims, and desires in that moment.

What should your vision be? I don’t know. It is different for each person.

Your idea of success is defined by you. Your vision should be defined by you. Your vision will not be the same as mine. Your life, your dreams, and your goals will not match another’s. They are not suppose to be.

But have a vision. Small, big, insane to others or unconventional. Just find your vision.

When you feel a lack of motivation, inspiration, or self-discipline in your life, recall your vision. Think about it, meditate on it, and decide what it is you want. Decide what it is you will fight for. Vision fuels self-discipline, it fuels motivation, it fuels passion, and it fuels inspiration. It fuels us through the early mornings and the late nights, the tough aspects and the weak moments of our goals.

Know your vision. Find your vision. State your vision, Make it known. Move towards it.

It is the starting point of all achievement.

“There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.”

– Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich

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